A selected list of downloadable fiction and nonfiction



  • A Courtship (short story published in Chelsea)
    A young widow fights the stigma left by her deceased husband.
  • To hear a public radio excerpt of "A Courtship" read on WXPN FM by
    stage actor Dan Hodge, preceded by brief author commentary, link to
    Kelly Writers House, episode 74

  • After the Bolsheviks (short story published in Meridian)
    A son finds himself in the middle of a cross-generational family squabble.


  • Monster in the Attic
    Essay on the role of descriptive language and setting in fiction, with follow-up exercise. 
    Published in Naming the World: And Other Exercises for the Creative Writer 
    (Random House)

  • Best West Village Parks To Read In
    Published in Time Out New York
    A desriptive, photographic essay on some lesser-known
    Village treasures, along with reading suggestions for each.

  • Norman Mailer A Spooky Art
    Published in Pleaides
    Mailer reflects on his past and considers 
    his relationship to the writing process. 

  • Jonathan Franzen How To Be Alone
    Published in Harvard Review
    Franzen confronts the difficulty of being a
    writer in a modern, mass-consumerist society.

  • Jake Silverstein Nothing Happened, And Then It Did
    Published in Fiction Writers Review
    Silverstein straddles the porous border between
    between memoir and fiction.

  • Best New Stories of the South
    Published in Georgia Review
    On the difficult balance of preserving traditional Southern
    heritage and accomodating modern subject matter.

  • Skip Horack The Southern Cross
    Published in American Book Review
    Horack's luckless, flawed characters seek
    a repentance that often eludes them.

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